Inside Our 5th Wheel RV

As I was cleaning out the RV this week for the winter season, I thought to take a few pictures of the inside to share on here. As I’ve mentioned before, this 5th wheel RV is not new. It has been gently used and is a 2004 Keystone Montana Mountaineer. We feel like it was a top-of-the-line model in it’s day and we are thrilled to have it. The interior is pretty spotless other than a couple of stains on the carpet and just the general out-dated decor style. We don’t mind it though and we have plans to customize the interior in the future. We probably won’t do too much to it until it’s paid off. Our favorite part of our RV is the layout. It’s the reason we purchased it. It has a “bedroom” in the back with a full open/close door. The bedroom has the adult size bunks (longer and slightly wider than normal bunks) and has a dresser and hanging area with 3 windows. It’s really hard to get pictures of but I tried my best.

The master bedroom is located above the fifth wheel and up the stairs. The bathroom access is at the top of the stairs. The master bedroom has more storage than we can fill. It has a full 6 drawer burea at the bottom of the bed, storage under the bed, storage in the full sliding door closet, storage under and above the vanity and storage in a full armoire/burea across from the bathroom. That was the other reason we bought it. There was more storage area than we could even fill. We wouldn’t have any problem loading this thing with enough stuff to stay somewhere a month! But we aren’t ready to do that just yet. LOL


This is the front side and the two slides are on the other side. The couch and dinette slide out and then the master bed slides out. Those give us so much floor space, which was a must.


The bunk bedroom is tight when you are standing in it but the bunks themselves are roomy. Each bunk has a little window with shades on it. The pink and black thing on the bed is what we use on the bottom bunk where H sleeps. Since she is still in a crib at home, we bought this mesh room divider with tension rods. It has rubber ends that can be put on the wall area beside the bunk and block her from rolling or getting out of the bunk during the night. It’s worked great! Jonah is on the top bunk and he loves that. We just have a regular bed rail for him. In the picture below you can see all the storage available for the kids stuff. The counter top looks small in this picture but it’s really very deep and can hold a lot of stuff and even a TV if we decide to get one for their room.


This is the view from the back. The couch is pretty comfy and we love the dinette. The entertainment area is something we see making several changes to. For now we just keep a small TV in the RV that fits into that niche.


This is the view from the door. As you can see the interior decor is on point. (LOL) Actually we are really lucky with this being a used RV that the carpet is in tact, there haven’t been any leaks and the linoleum is not that bad and has no tears.


The cabinets are very well made. One change that I see myself doing sooner rather than later is taking off all these brass knobs and hinges and spray painting them in an oil-rubbed bronze color.


A view of most of the kitchen. It has really tall ceilings and a fan and light.



Here you can see how much storage we have in the master bedroom.


The vanity area is nice and easy to get to outside of the bathroom.


The bed is a queen size (seems smaller though) and we have definite plans to get a better mattress. The one that came with it is really thin and has no support at all. We’ve made do with is by adding a foam mattress topper.


As you can see the whole bed slides out. We love all the closet storage available.


Here is view of the whole main area from the steps. We are very grateful to have found this RV and we can’t wait to make it suit our taste more in the coming years. The kids love it too and it feels like home away from home to them.


5 thoughts on “Inside Our 5th Wheel RV

  1. Hi April! I found you over at RVFTA. Love your camper, one day soon, we will have a fifth wheel but for now we are using a 35 foot travel trailer. We just upgraded our mattress. After a lot of research we found a Queen Short (60 x 74) 8 inches high memory foam mattress on Amazon for less than $200. It came with great reviews. I am hoping it amps up our sleep game in the camper!


    1. Glad you found me! I love finding other camping blogs! We will go on our first trip for the year in a couple of weeks so I should start updating more frequently. Thanks for the tip on the mattress. We actually upgraded our home mattress after that post and so we hope to use our old queen one in the camper. We’ll see!


      1. Our first trip of the year is April 1 and I just can’t wait. We have a stop over at Land Between the Lakes planned for July as we head out to Townsend. We selected Hillman Ferry. Any feedback?


      2. Awesome! Hillman Ferry should be great place to stop. I’ve never camped there but go to church with a couple that camped their with their kids years ago. It’s almost identical, they said, to our favorite state campground, Piney in LBL. It will be a cheap nights stay and I know that all the bathhouses were newly built in 2014. They are bright and clean but if you use them you’ll still want to wear some shoes in the shower. The best part about LBL campgrounds are the sites are huge!

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