Halloween Weekend Camping Trip

I know I’m late for blogging about Halloween but real life happens and we all went back to work and school on Monday so this is my first chance to sit down and write about that weekend. I am going to be real here, we almost didn’t go for a couple of reasons. First, the weather forecast was calling for rain all day (off and on) on Saturday. We can handle a little rain but we were worried that we would be forced into the camper ALL DAY LONG. The second reason we almost didn’t go will be explained below. The main thing is we went (sort of) and we enjoyed it (mostly) and we don’t regret going!

Michael and I had both taken the whole day off work on Friday to get everything loaded up (we knew the week leading up would be so busy with a school Halloween event we were volunteering at and our church’s trunk-or-treat on Wed. night) so we would have plenty of time to load up and drive the 30 minutes to the campground. Then we planned to get the camper set up and eat some lunch and be back in time to pick up J from school and get H from daycare and then head back down. So that  WAS THE PLAN! But the plan changed….as it so often does when kids are involved. 🙂

In the middle of packing up we got a call from the school nurse. J had an awful ear ache (which he showed no signs of when he woke up and ate breakfast) and so we went ahead and called for a Dr. appt. and headed to pick him up, not knowing if we would be camping at all at this point. We get J home and get some pain meds in him and see that we have 4 hours until his Dr. appt. we decided to go ahead and take the camper on down and at least get parked and then head to our Dr. appt. (an hour away!!). J really wanted to still go camping despite the ear ache and we hated to completely cancel. So we went to the Dr. , got the scripts, got the other kid, and headed back down to enjoy a campfire and some hotdogs. Because J had one episode while we were in the van where he threw up a little bit (sorry for the TMI) we decided it might be best to spend Friday night at our house where we knew we had plenty of linens should it happen again. Thankfully it did not!

So Saturday morning we headed out bright and early to spend the whole day at the campground. The weather was dreary and damp but the rain mostly held off until late Saturday night. We had a few sprinkles and some gusts of wind on Saturday but nothing too bad. J got to trick-or-treat while H napped. My parents came down and brought lunch. Our new niece made a visit and we got to spend time with our friends that were camping right next door to us.

The trick-or-treating happens early at Piney Campground, around 2:00 in the afternoon. J was pretty tired and we covered a lot of ground so once he got tired we headed back to the campsite and he enjoyed handing out candy to several more kids that were still making their rounds. We got the chili started and just sat around and munched, talked and warmed ourselves up by the fire. The kids explored our over-sized campsite and picked up rocks, acorns and sticks.

After we all enjoyed our supper, we ditched the kids (not really….the grandparents were still there and offered to watch them) and all of us couples marched up to the main event area at the campground and waited in the long line to go through the HAUNTED TRAIL!! (insert scary music here) I am not a fan of scary stuff but the trail was free and was completely volunteer so I thought it would be a fun grown-up thing for us to all do together. It was really well done and we all got a good fright out of it.

We did spend the night Saturday night but then headed out early to make our church services. We always try to make church when we camp at Piney since it’s still in the same county that we live in. Also, our kids enjoy going and look forward to it each week. So after church Michael had the big task of loading everything back up and hooking up and coming home by himself. I had to take the kids home for lunch and naps. So while this weekend wasn’t a relaxing one by any means, it was fun and memorable and thankfully J felt so much better Sat. and Sun.

I am proud that we toughed it out despite the hurdles that came our way. We always learn something about our camper or us as new campers every time we go and this time was no different. We loved sharing our campsite with some friends of ours and with our family that came down and visited. The colors and sights were so perfect and it truly felt like fall. The joy we see on our kid’s faces as they play and explore the outdoors is reason enough to keep going.





The view from the bottom of our campsite. The water levels were way down at this time of the year. Usually the water would be up near these bushes.


J and our friend’s daughter.


Wagon rides are their favorite!


On Saturday the campground held a golf cart decorating contest. Here are just a few. Batman and Mater were our favorites!







My in-laws were camping too this weekend but they were on the opposite side of the large campground. Basically there was a body of water and a forest between us. LOL We got to see them a couple of times though. This is my father-in-law.




J knew exactly what he was doing this year!! (He’s dressed as Marshall from Paw Patrol)




A couple of cute spooks out in the beautiful Fall colors.




We found the campsite were Mater lives. I have to say these guys really knocked it out of the park….sadly they didn’t win!






Maybe next year we can stay longer at Piney and have better weather and no sickness…and maybe H will actually be awake for trick-or-treating!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend Camping Trip

  1. Hi! Yes, I’m so glad I found your blog. We are planning to full-time for a year next spring/early summer once we sell our house, and I’m gathering up all the info that I can now before it’s crunch time. And honestly, the thing that intimidates me the most is my kids getting sick on the road. I know you can relate! Excited to be following your travels and I plan to start blogging about our pre-launch plans once my husband’s business is sold at the end of the year (knock on wood!).


    1. Oh wow! My hats off to anyone who can do it full-time with kids! I am sure it’s like anything, there will be an adjustment period. Kids are so much more adaptable than us adults are, though. Best of luck! Thank you for following along.


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