Fancy Camping On A Year-Round Basis

As I mentioned in my last post, we visited a RV Resort (that is what they called themselves) and found that is was less of a standard campground (lots of over night spots) and more of a year round resort (permanently rented sites). We found that most of the sites were level with park model campers on them (think tiny mobile homes). Most of them had permanent awnings complete with ceiling fans and extended decks. A lot of them had nice outdoor furniture, a place to park their golf carts, lawn ornaments and potted plants. It was so interesting to see how different sites had unique ways of setting all of this up. We even saw many sites that had a full size outdoor refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and storage boxes. I know that most of these folks are probably retired and this affords them a lake home without all the upkeep and expense of a house. It’s a great idea, I think!

I snapped some pictures as we walked around the place. These are the sites that really caught my eye. I hope you will find it interesting as well. Many of the sites were vacant the weekend that we stayed but it wasn’t during peak season.


This site was right behind where we stayed and it had the nicest deck with a great view of the whole campground. They probably even have a partial lake view in the winter time.

Some folks were staying in this one and I guess they haven’t got their big permanent awning up yet. 🙂


The windows in this one were awesome! Looks like a little house. As you can see there is more uncovered deck behind the awning area.

There were definitely more park models here than anything else but there were also a good amount of 5th wheels with permanent awnings. This one had a decal on one of the locker doors that read “Grandkids welcome: Parents by appointment.” LOL

This site was further off the main road (which I think is nice).

This site was sort of in the middle of the interior part of the campsites. It still had a large deck all around and many ways to access it. I imagine they have some nice parties and gatherings here all summer.

Another pretty park model with faux shutters, even! This one had a large deck off the back too, besides this large permanent awning area.

“It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!”

Another park model on the lake side with pavers surrounding it and a lot of little lawn ornaments added. The deck/awning looks like a cool place to relax.

This place was a full park model with a concrete pad and deck area. In the winter time, I’m sure they have a nice lake view since they are on the side near the lake.

This one was right near above the pond and has a huge deck off the back with gazebo. It looked like they had things put up and covered for the season but I imagine it looks very relaxing and welcoming when it’s all out.

This site was in the more shady area of the campground and as you can see they have an outdoor fridge and cabinet area and lots of furniture for having guests over.

The campground didn’t have any internet access but these folks even have a dish for TV and/or internet.


This was had a lot of nice greenery at the front and looked like a cozy place to relax under the permanent awning. Love their personal touches!


It was fun to see how other people live at campgrounds! As one sign we saw read “welcome to the trailerhood!” Maybe one day we will have a place here when we retire!

What do you think of this type of camping?


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