First Camping Trip in Our RV

Last weekend was our first trip out in our new 5th wheel camper!!! The trip was a success and we figured out the kinks and made lists of things we need to get before our next trip. The kids had a blast too and the older one has already been asking (just one day after we got home) when we can go camping again. That, to us, is a great indicator of how well they enjoyed it.

We didn’t go far from home for this first trip but we stayed at a campground (calls itself a RV park) in a small town about 45 minutes away from home. We had excellent weather and the campground turned out way nicer than we imagined and our site was great too. Overall, I think we will be back here from time to time for weekend trips.

The campground had a very nice playground, small in ground pool, toddler playground, clean bathhouse and stocked fishing pond. We took advantage of all of these amenities and the kids were free to roam, which they loved. Our campsite was spacious because there were not sites in front of us and no one was camping in the site directly behind us. There was a gravel road on both sides of our campsite (it was a pull through) so we did get traffic (mostly golf carts) all through out the day and felt kind of “on display” but it was a pretty view and the people were so very friendly. Also it was full hookups so we really got to practice with hooking up to all of that.

I was mostly concerned about how the kids would do sleeping in the camper for the first time. We have a bunk bedroom in the back of the 5th wheel and Jonah has the top bunk and Haley had the bottom. We rigged them both us so that the kids wouldn’t fall out at all. They both slept great both nights!!! We slept ok but I wouldn’t say great. We have a lot of improvements to make to our master bedroom mattress but it was nice to be in the AC all night. We are absolutely loving our 5th wheel!!!

Here are some snap shots that I got over the weekend.

20150822_101209Finally all set up with our awning out.

20150822_101255This was our view from the camp site. We were up on a hill and all the fun stuff was down from where we were at. Across the pond were even more campsites. Most of the sites are actually rented year round and have a permanent look to them. Since this campground is right on Lake Barkley, a lot of people camp here all year and use the private boat slips. It was fun to get a glimpse into what it looks like to camp permanently.

20150822_101329J and I took a walk around the place while H napped.

IMG_0357The pond had some red algae in it while we were there. We’ve had a particularly humid summer so that may have something to do with it.

IMG_0359On our walk we got a glimpse of the lake. Lots of golf carts parked down there. LOL

IMG_0360As you can see, some of the decks built on these camp sites are nicer than those found on some homes.


IMG_0371J really enjoyed playing on the play set they had.




IMG_0397Got some good shots of the kids playing around the camp site.



IMG_0423We heard the owners mention they were going to run down to a cupcake place in the little neighboring town so we decided to check it out too. We had to run into town anyways to a auto parts store. We found the place right in the downtown area and it was in a cute old home. We each picked out a cupcake to take back to the campground for a treat after lunch. J decided to add gummy bears to his. 🙂



20150822_111628It was so nice to get away from the house and all the normal daily chores and just have fun with the kids. It was some work and little stressful just because this was our first trip out and we were learning as we went. Now we can’t wait to go camping at our local state park Labor Day weekend!! Counting down the days!

Pssst! Later this week I’m going to share some pictures that I snapped of some of the well manicured and unique campsites that we found at this RV park. So many people had added their own personal touches and it was fun to walk around and see. It was definitely a different experience from the standard over-night campground atmosphere. I think you will enjoy seeing it too! So stay tuned!!


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