Friday Camping Finds {Edition: Stuff We Need & Some We Don’t}

Hello Happy Campers! This week I ran into a few things I would love to have as we gear up for our first camping trip and some things that I absolutely think we need. I am sharing them all below. As always, these are NOT affiliated links.

FCF723151. Serving Tray for Zero Gravity Chairs – We don’t have zero gravity chairs yet but we will have some once we find a great deal on them. We have used my in-law’s chairs before and they are so nice for camping. I just think the only thing they are missing is a nice place to sit your drink or phone.

2. Cutter CitroGuard candle – These get really great reviews on Amazon and they are a must-have before our first trip. We will be camping near the water in Sept. so there will be lots of bugs!

3. Lands’ End Denim Canvas Storage – I think these would be so nice to have for storing in the camper and carting back and forth from the house. They can be personalized and are on a great discount right now!

4. Toas-Tite Sandwich Grill – this is a retro product that has just been brought back. I know that we would use this over and over again while camping and make lots of fun treats with it! There are some great YouTube videos about it too.

5. Sterilite Flip Top Storage Boxes – These come in a package of 12 and would be so helpful in storing small things together such as batteries, small camping accessories and many more things!

6. Zero Gravity Recliner Chair – This one is on a pretty good deal at Amazon right now and I really like the neutral color of it. I will have one of these babies!!

7. Lifeline 85-Piece Large Hard Shell First Aid Kit – This is a must-have for our camper with small kids. This one looks like it would do the job and be easy to add to and it gets great Amazon reviews.

I hope this list has something helpful for you on it and happy camping!!!



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