Welcome to Life In Our RV With Kids!!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks around our house! Why you ask?

Because we bought our first family RV!!

We know that we have a large learning curve ahead of us before we even take it out on the first family camping trip, but we are psyched to start on this journey of vacationing and traveling with our kids in tow!

There were a lot of reasons that we chose to go with an RV for our family but one of the main reasons is that we both have fond memories from our childhood of camping with our family and spending time in the outdoors. I, April, spent weeks in the summers camping with my grandparents in their vintage airstream that my Grandpa did all the restoration on. He still owns an Airstream, in fact! Michael grew up hunting, fishing and doing lake activities with his family.

We want to provide these same great memories and outdoor adventures for our children too! We both do not enjoy paying the price for decent hotels and then being confined to a high-rise room with 2 small children. We both also are not fond of dealing with hotel bookings and air travel. We are not rich but we aren’t poor either. We just like to make our dollars count when it comes to spending on vacations. All of these reasons and many more have led to our decision to start camping when traveling.

We look forward to posting more about our RV, campgrounds we visit, fun activities with our kids and fun camping finds that we want to share.


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